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Clearing the way so you can begin building today!

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Whether you are building a suburban subdivision, raising an urban skyscraper, or paving the path of a major thoroughfare, you want it completed on schedule and within budget.

However, you cannot do anything until the land is cleared.

That is when you need us. . . Stella Contracting, Inc.

Clearing the way. . . So you can begin building today.

With extensive experience in land clearing and grading of various size parcels for residential and commercial sites, Stella Contracting has the expertise and equipment to clear the way for your project.

Fast, Innovative Clearing and Grading

Our four-phase clearing and grading operation is an ingenious application of both the logging and paper manufacturing industries. Coupling unconventional machinery with knowledgeable and experienced operators allows us to clear land quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Phases one and two, in strict adherence to your environmental "blueprint", involve shearing and chipping trees while conserving any and only the growth you designate on the site. Our specialized equipment enables us to carefully manicure the landscape, selectively thinning or trimming a particular grove or "spot removing" trees and brush according to your design.

Next, we extract the tree stumps and perform thorough root raking, which preserves the valuable top soil and readies the land for the initial stage of your operation.

Our job does not end here, however. As a builder, developer or site contractor you know that the new laws require stumps and debris be disposed of in a DEP and EPA approved landfill! To reduce both the costly disposal fees and the burden on landfills, we employ our state-of-the-art stump chipper recycler to process whole stumps into grindings. Then our fleet! of demolition tractor trailers removes the grindings off-site. By using this reliable, environmentally sound procedure, we eliminate the potential for future repercussions regarding disposal of materials generated from your site.

Professional Service From Start to Mulch

Though speed, service, and savings are hallmarks of our reputation, our commitment to professionalism is the key to our success (and many referrals!).

Before scheduling your job, our qualified professionals scrutinize the work site and meet with you to meticulously review the clearing, grubbing and root raking of your project.

Next, the perfect combination of manpower and machinery is brought to your site. And once work begins, it does not end until all the land is cleared and graded to meet your exact contractual specifications. We work continuously (without costly gaps or delays) to achieve one goal: completing your job swiftly and precisely.

After the project is finished, we invite you to examine your property and our performance. We not only assume full responsibility for results, we make sure you are satisfied with the outcome.

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   Our specially trained crews and skilled employees do 100% of the work; no subcontracting is required.

We own the most modern, mechanized fleet (over 100 pieces!) of land clearing and grading equipment, including Mack tractors, giant trailers, and one-of-a-kind tree and stump chippers, cutters, and skidders.

Our diverse, custom-designed machinery tackles any problem terrain swamps, slopes, hilltops, rockbound tracts, and even cliffs quickly and efficiently.

We have the facilities to house and maintain our equipment, so it is always ready when needed.

We have created an innovative, progressive method of land clearing and grading that saves both time and money for developers.

Cleared, graded, and ready for your:

Housing Development
Commercial Plaza
Industrial Center
Golf Course


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