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Stella Contracting, Inc.
Elmer, New Jersey

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Clearing the way so you can begin building today!

Whether you are building a suburban subdivision, raising an urban skyscraper, or paving the path of a major thoroughfare, you want it completed on schedule and within budget.

However, you cannot do anything until the land is cleared.

That is when you need us. . . StelIa Contracting, Inc.

Clearing the way. . . So you can begin building today.

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   Our specially trained crews and skilled employees do 100%
of the work; no subcontracting is required.

We own the most modern, mechanized fleet (over 100 pieces!) of land clearing and grading equipment, including Mack tractors, giant trailers, and one-of-a-kind tree and stump chippers, cutters, and skidders.

Cleared, graded, and ready for your:

bulletHousing Development
bulletCommercial Plaza
bulletIndustrial Center
bulletGolf Course



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Voice (856) 358-1342
Fax (856) 358-1356
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